Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

Well conveniently I can’t sleep. Thankfully this provides plenty of time to blog which is something I have not been very good at ever. Let’s just say that life has been interesting lately but I must say I am doing ok. As most of you know there have been a lot of difficult changes in my life lately but I feel like things are finally turning towards the good.

First off, I have a plan. I have officially gotten into Utah State in Logan and I am heading there in the fall. I couldn’t be more excited for a fresh start but I am so sad that I will have to leave all the people that I love in Provo. Provo has had its ups and downs but it really has a special place in my heart. I wish I could stay here but under the current circumstances I feel like I need to get out for my sanity in the future.

Secondly, I have never realized how much I love my family until now. Like all families we are dysfunctional, but I love it. I feel like I have so much support from my loved ones and I have never felt a stronger bond with them. I don’t think I have talked to my Dad this much or this often ever and I love that. My older sister Felisa is a huge rock star and wants me to come visit her every other weekend. I must say that having a family that I trust and that I can turn to has made a huge difference in my life.

Thirdly, I am reading a great book! I only read a few pages a night because I have a bad habit of staying up way to late and then being to tired to read but I must say it has made a difference. Having an uplifting book to read at the end of the night gets me completely ready for bed. I look forward to it every night even if I only get two pages in. I used to read when I was a kid late at night so that I could stay up later then my bedtime and I need to thank my Dad for that. Reading really is a great productive way to spend your time and I am grateful I have that tool in my life.

Finally, (I think) I have regained my testimony of the church. Like everyone I go through up and down stages. I took a much needed trip to temple square with my friend Chelsea and we ran into our friend who is serving a mission at temple square. It was such a blessing to see her and it totally reaffirmed my testimony of the church. I don’t think I have been as happy as I was this weekend in a long time. Christ really is the way to true happiness. The fact that you can cry just by talking or thinking about Christ alone proves that the gospel is without a doubt Christ’s church here on the earth. I can’t imagine not having my love for the Savior in my life. I am so grateful for my Dad who listened to the missionaries and stayed strong so that he could raise us in the church. I am so grateful for the temple and for the opportunities I have to go there and serve and I am grateful for eternal families. I can’t wait to be with my family forever because they really are amazing.

I am sorry for such a long post but I felt like I needed to write and express myself about the past few months. Life has had so many ups and downs the past twenty years but we got to keep going. The reason we go down is so we can go up again. I know that there are going to be better days ahead and I can’t wait. If I keep my focus on the Savior I don’t see any reason why I can’t be completely happy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


My good friend Shaylin has been wanting a razor scooter for forever. I asked her to go to Walmart with me since I had to return something and low and behold we ended up in the scooter section. After much riding and convincing we both rode out of the store with scooter in hand. Everyone could see how much of a trend we were setting and now two of our friends from work have bought scooters. We are trying to make them the new cool thing! I must say I have biffed it once pretty hard but all in al it has been awesome. All I have to say is Scoot4Life!

Wedding Time

My very first wedding! I just wanted to let you know that I shot my very first wedding this past week. It was so exciting! I was very nervous but I think the pictures came out pretty good. To check out the pictures visit my photo blog at I hope you enjoy them!