Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ok, you have to read this!

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Jordan introduced me to this blog called Seriously So Blessed. I must say this is the best blog ever. No one knows who it is, and basically it’s someone just making fun of typical Mormon Clich├ęs. You have to check it out! If you don’t die laughing I will be shocked. Pablo and I check it on a regular basis to look at all of the creative stuff that she comes up with. Enjoy. The link is

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Typical Blogger Post

Well, I must admit that I am happy to hear that people read my blog. For the past couple of months I have been updating it on a regular basis and I have felt like no one is reading it. I am glad that my posts have not gone in vain. Well, here is a quick update on our life.
So I know that I said that I would not post until May, but a lot has happened in the past month and a half and so I thought I would update since I am currently avoiding homework. Well, I started out the semester taking 18 credits to make a long story short, getting my AA from SLCC was not the best idea after all, and so I am currently only taking 6 credits and am going to go to UVU next semester. Pablo is still taking 14 credits and is adjusting to UVU.
Well months ago we made a goal to officially lose weight! Well, at the start of the New Year, we did awesome and both lost a little over ten pounds. Now, we are not doing so hot and its starting to come back! Our plan is to keep going strong and to be at our goal weight by Jeff and Natalias wedding. Hopefully my new found love for water aerobics will help me out. If not, hey at least Shaylin and I had fun. We will make sure to keep you updated on that one. At least Pablo and I have started to learn how to eat healthier. We both try to keep track of our calories and we tend to look at nutrition facts before we purchase an item. Our fridge is full of vegetables, and yummy healthy snacks. I even think I am addicted to snap pees!
I must say that in all my life I have never broken a phone, but, I broke my phone. I dropped it in the toilet one day at work, and it was toast. So, Pablo and I both got new phones. We decided on the ENV touch and we love them. We both feel so cool walking around with touch phones.
Ok, so I know that I am lame, but our dog turns one this month. I must admit that Pablo and I thought about having a dog party. (We love him way to much!) I think we are just going to buy him a toy though.
My brother and his wife finally had their baby on January 21! His name is Luke David Sanchez! Pablo and I got to meet him when he was only 2 days old! He was so precious! Congrats Nate and Lindsay.
After much debate I finally chopped off my hair again. I went through my usually phase of love it but totally regret it because I miss my long hair, but it turned out really cute.

Sadly Pablo and I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but hopefully this valentine’s weekend we will be able to post a few cute pictures and then you can see my new hair! Anyways, thanks for reading.

Monday, February 8, 2010


So I just have to throw this out there! Does anybody read this?