Monday, February 21, 2011

When my Mom died most of her stuff was donated to the DI. My Dad and my aunt’s were nice enough to save a few things and have given them to me and my siblings throughout the years. Some of the things I have inherited are a journal, necklace, jacket, and her robe. This past weekend I spent some time with my aunt Leanne and she was nice enough to pass a scarf along to me that belonged to my Mom. I remember seeing this scarf in pictures and I love the fact that it can now sit comfortably on my neck throughout my day. I love having things that belonged to my Mom because it’s a constant reminder that she was real. So to those who loved her, remember her, and were a part of her life, thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ode to Muncy and Dubray

Muncy and Dubray,
You might just be the coolest people I know
Your pictures are plastered on my wall
And I gaze and sigh with awe as I stare each day
Creepy right?

You guys are the cake to my fat kid
The hump to my bump
The sac to my town
And the love of my lives!

Less then 3 weeks time we will be together
Muncy and I looking “So Good”
Dubray and I eating our usual ice cream
And all 3 of us freaking spending time together!

We have known each other since I was a wee 15 year old
You brought me into the EG world
You partied with me at stake dances
As we went stupid dumb and hyphy in the Border’s parking lot

Muncy and Dubray,
You might just be the coolest people I know
You got me through the tough times.
You called me when it rained
You called me to see how I was
You always answered my calls,
And you both like to text me at the same time!

Muncy and Dubray,
Words cannot express our old spag times
The spag drifting down our shirts with cheese falling to our laps

Honestly guys, I love you!
End of story!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I have been extremely blessed with the most amazing roommates this past school year. This semester I was awarded a trophy from the ex Grand Buffet and soon to be Pizza Pie Café! Since the trophy has entered our freezing cold ghetto apartment we have decided that we like to take it along with us this semester to explore in our adventures. This morning my roommate Audrey made crepes and we totally forgot to document it with the trophy so while we waited for me to go back to class we made up for the lack of crepe pictures! Enjoy the wonderful awesomeness of my roommate Audrey.

Valentine's Day

Let me first just say that I am so sad that I don’t have my 30 day challenge anymore to have an excuse to blog. I keep telling myself that I need to blog, but like us all, I feel like I have nothing to blog about. Anyways, it’s Valentines Day! I can’t believe another year has come and gone. I feel like it was Valentines Day just yesterday! Let’s just say today was a great day! After my first class this morning I came home to my wonderful roommate Audrey making crepes! After that I made a cupcake run! I even left a cupcake on my friend Tennessee’s car He told me he was surprised it wasn’t melted when he found it, because….we actually had nice weather today! I only had to wear one coat to school today, and that is a miracle in this splendid cow town! I even got asked out for Valentine’s day and when I came home, my roommates had made muddy buddies and my neighbor Mike was over with cake, plus my amazing home teachers left me a valentine. Let’s just say it was all in all a good day and I am not looking forward to the homework that is sitting in front of me. Until next time right?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 30: Who Are You?

I’m Megan Sanchez.
I’m just a simple girl who enjoys the simple things in life.
I cry when I am overly happy and I’m stubborn beyond belief.
I love it when I am overly happy and “emotionally compromising” myself as some would say.
I want to travel the world and spend my adventures with someone that I care about.
I love to longboard even though I am terrible at it.
I love taking pictures.
I hate doing my hair.
I have a testimony of the gospel and know it is the true church on the earth.
I have the coolest family on the earth.
I totally wish I was Mexican
I love having deep meaningful conversations with people.
Dancing is one of my favorite things to do on the earth even though I have never been very good.
I have no idea what I am doing with my life and I’m trying not to stress out about it.
I’m crazy single and could care less.
I’m just me, taking life one day at a time.

Finished! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 29: A Picture That Can Always Make You Smile

This past year for Christmas my family went on a cruise in late October. During our first day at sea we decided to wake up early and have some fun playing a friendly game of volleyball. (The girls totally won by the way!) After the volleyball game we decided to make up several hilarious games that consisted of us chanting, passing the volleyball around, and making total fools of ourselves. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. This is a picture of us right after all of our craziness. It was a day to remember for the Sanchez family.