Monday, April 27, 2015


There comes a time in everyones life where
time stops

it just stops.

For me, my time stopped this past weekend
I couldn't have been surrounded by more beauty
then if God himself walked in the fields next to me

The moss covered trees shined green all weekend
and welcomed me into their arms like they were calling
me to their home for dinner.

The waterfalls pounded with such brute force that
black rock walls faded into beautiful carved stone art
sharp as isicles and pretty as fresh flesh

Then you felt the mist and the rain,
the wetness
of being alive and being real,
and singing till your lungs give out
and your stomach aches from that laugh
that makes your teeth shine white.

It just stops.

That was my weekend.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Opinion

A had an ex that claimed that one of the 
reasons we didn't work out was that I wanted 
to travel and he didn't. 

This past weekend this statement pounded my chest 
like I needed to be cracked in two. 

Here is the story.
I stepped out my door at 6:30 AM 
on Saturday
with a very simple idea. 
To play for the day at a national park, 
to visit somewhere near by 
and bask in the glory that God placed on the earth. 

My day did not go as planned. 
After four hours of driving 
I ended up at a dead end
but a wasted four hours. 

I think I laughed so hard I even cried
I think I listened to so many beautiful songs 
I cried. 
I think I cried because I could and I was alone
and vulnerable 

After finding an information center 
I asked if there was anything near by 
the sleepy tourist town I had wondered into.
I found the beauty that is Mono Lake.

The Lake...

On my way home 
my mind ran rapid past cliffs 
sliding in and out of turns 
like socks on a wood floor. 

The statement cracked me. 
It's not that I wanted to travel and he didn't
It was the mere fact that I wanted more than simple. 
Simple didn't cut it for me, 
I wanted adventure
a partner to experience it with, 
and the hope that someone would enjoy 
the beauty of the earth, the great outdoors, 
spending eight countless hours in a car with me 
and still need more. 

I need a partner with an outlook on life that 
tops mine
That is grateful for everyday given 
and never wants to stop exploring with me

I need a partner who can spend all Saturday in the sun
get drunk with me, make mad love, 
and still not get enough. 

That's why we didn't work out. 
My opinion 
My story. 

Thank Goodness

It is officially 3:30 AM and my mind is racing.
I can't seem to calm it with anything
Some things good, some things questionable

Thank goodness for Macs,
and Spotify,
and the Internet.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


The summer I fell in love with John Mayer
was the summer my dad took my brothers and I to Europe. 

CD's were still the rage and we had all brought a 
select few to share. 
Nate pulled out Room for Squares. 
First thing, first CD in.
We listened to it all the way through. 

Thus began the next two weeks

My dad lusted after City Love, 
we blasted 83, 
and I memorized all the words to 
3X5 and My Stupid Mouth. 

Room for Squares was probably the only CD 
that the four of us agreed on. 

My grandma sat in the front seat and 
sun burned her arm from having it float
 out the window,
whistling the tunes.

John memorized us into Spain, 
serenaded us into Switzerland, 
and carried us safely back to France. 

I have forgotten the sights and smells 
of the cities we visited, 
but I don't think I'll ever listen to John 
and not think of my first European adventure. 

Until next time John. 
Thanks for singing me to sleep tonight. 


You should know that If I ever say that I'm editing
or writing drafts,
you'll never read it!

Just an FYI. :)