Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I must apologize for my lack of blogs recently.
You see, my time has been utterly consumed by
school, work, husband.
Husband. Love him.

My life has been so beyond busy,
that I am completely overwhelmed and
totally encompassed and consumed by
my few obligations right now.
Sometimes I feel like I can´t even stop,
take a sweet breath of air, and
envy the sky for it´s rich blue beauty.

This week I have 40 hours of work,
3 tests, and 1 huge project due.
My husband has been sick for almost a week,
and my motivation is sinking

So last night after I returned home from school
I bought take out for my love and I
snuggled him on our bed,
watched some ¨How I Met Your Mother,¨
and joyed being with my love

Today I am behind on school work,
but, it´s okay because I am writing insignificant brilliant words,
I slept in till 7AM,
and I spent valuable time with my love last night.

Life is sweet.
Now, if only I took more photographs.