Thursday, December 31, 2009

Color me mine!

One day I came home from work and Pablo had a big surprise for me. He had a rose waiting on the table and a sweet poem that he had written. For FHE to took me to a place called color me mine and we painted bowls. It was really fun! Although it was kinda expensive we had a great time. Now we both have our very own personalized cereal bowls!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Have Some Food on Your Face! :)

Most people havent noticed, but I have a freckle on my lip right on the right side of my mouth. For the most part it goes unnoticed, but I have found through the years that it is commenly mistaken for food. I have even had guys try to flirt by saying, (with a smirk look) "Here let me get that for you." They always seemed to get frusterated and embaressed when after several attempts they realized that I have a freckle on my lip. I know that this is kind of a random post, but I was looking at a picture of myself on this blog and thought that I had some food on my mouth when I realized it was my friendly freckle. So next time you see me, please make sure it really is food before you embarres yourself! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Podi and Photography

So... I finally got a camera! I got the Nikon D5000! It is amazing! I am slowly ready the manual and finding out all of the cool things that I can do! I found out that there is a setting that is just for taking pictures of pets. Since I was home alone and Podi was my only company I decided to take some pictures and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Podi is now full grown and weighs about six pounds. He loves to chew our socks and so we have to be careful about what we leave on the floor. I looked under the bed just today and found about four socks all chewed up. He hid from my grasp for quite awhile. He is starting to bark more now too. This is the one thing that I am not so fond of. At least I know that he will be a good guard dog.

As far as photography is concerned, I have started another blog just for my photography. The address is Right now the only pictures on it are the ones already posted on this blog. I have some photo shoots lined up for the near future that I am excited to edit and post and I hope that you enjoy them. Also, Since I have a nice camera now I will probably be taking pictures more since I am now obsessed with my new camera. I hope you enjoy these few pictures of Podi.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zach and Jordan

Zach and Jordan are some of Pablo and I's best friends. Over Thanksgiving dinner they were telling us how they wanted to take Christmas pictures and send out Christmas cards to their friends that they don't see that often. I quickly volunteered and we set a date to take the pictures! I have still not been able to purchase a nice camera and so our Good friend Andrew Clark let me borrow his camera. He even came along for the shoot to give me some advice and help me understand the basics of the camera. The shoot went great! The only downfall was that it was freezing! It was snowing so hard up in the canyons! By the end of the shoot we all couldn't feel our fingers! I hope you enjoy the few pictures that I have edited of them so far.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Edited pictures!

In the post before this one I mentioned that Picnik is now my new obsession. These are a few fun pictures that I have taken and played around with. If you look closely in all of my pictures the work Lola is placed. In some pictures its more obvious then others. Lola is my Mom's name and she passed away when I was really young. I think Lola is going to be my trademark that I am going to put in all of my pictures. I hope you enjoy!

This is an older picture but for some odd reason Pablo loves it and so I decided to play with it.
This is on our cruise.

Love this picture

This is a picture of Pablo that I had fun with it. I love the coloring on it.

Katy and Jordan "Before and After"

In an earlier post I posted pictures that I had taken of my cousin Jordan and his fiance Katy. I tired to edit some of them and they didn't really turn out. Recently I discovered a website called picnik that gave me everything that I needed in order to edit the pictures in a higher quality. I have been having a blast with it. Its my new obsession. Anyways, here are a few before and after pictures of Katy and Jordan after I edited them. enjoy! :)






I am looking forward to editing more pictures in the future! Let me know how you like them! Thanks again Katy and Jordan for letting me take your pictures!