Monday, August 1, 2011

So Long Sweet Mexico!

With only two and a half weeks left in Mexico I am posting one of my final blogs about this amazing country. Since I left the states I will admit that there have been a few things that I have missed. Although I am excited to return home to normal life, I think I am going to miss Mexico more then I know.

What I missed in the US

1. Tall people- I never thought I was tall until I got to Mexico. Mexicans are a short people and I must say it’s not fun being taller then most of the men around you.

2. My Car- Although I love taking the combi’s everywhere. I thoroughly miss being able to go places whenever I wanted without thinking of how long it would take to walk there or how much it would cost to get there and back.

3. Understanding Church- Church is still wonderful here in Mexico, but of course I don’t speak Spanish, so it has been a real challenge to get anything out of church when I can’t understand it.

4. Water Fountains- I will never take water fountains for granted again. It’s so convenient to be able to drink whatever water you want whenever you want to and not have to always pay for it everywhere.

5. Family and Friends- I have missed my family more then I thought I would. I am so grateful that I have a brother so close to me and so many wonderful friends. It's been so fun to skype everyone, but I can't wait to talk in person again.

What I Wont Miss in Mexico

1. Constant whistles and stares- Although it can be flattering, I can’t wait to be able to walk down the streets and not have half the street staring at me and the other half following and whistling at me. Ok, it’s not that bad but sometimes they can get carried away.

2. Floods- I arrived in Mexico just in time for the rainy season. Lets just say that when it rains my street turns into a river. Walking around town in a river of sewage water is no fun.

3. Throwing up on buses- I have always been susceptible to motion sickness. Mexico is no exception. Luckily, the only times I have thrown up in Mexico have been on buses while traveling.

What I am Going to Miss in Mexico

1. Juice in a bag- Juice in a bag is seriously amazing. Fresh squeezed juice is incredible. Why do we not have this for super cheap in the US?

2. Multicolored houses- Mexico is an array of multi colors. It is so awesome and so much fun to walk the streets. One wall will be yellow with a blue and orange house on either side. It really is quite wonderful.

3. Mexican Hospitality- Mexicans are seriously some of the nicest people ever. I really am going to miss all of their kind spirits.

4. Multiple kids of popcorn- Movies have been a popular thing for me here in Mexico. At the movie theaters, not only do they have popcorn, but they have light, chili powder, caramel, and regular popcorn. It is amazing.

5. Cheap movies- Not only are the movie theaters cheap, but buying movies off the street is so cheap. Buying a brand new movie in perfect quality for a little over a dollar has taken over my life.

6. Food- The food here is amazing! I seriously still can’t believe my taste buds when I eat tacos, tortas, and gringas. Seriously….it’s ridiculous! One of the best parts of Mexico!

7. Fruit- Fruit gets its own category. Buying three mangos for a dollar really is quite amazing. Lets not mention the tunas, kiwis, bananas, and pomegranates.

8. Practicing Spanish- Although my Spanish has not gotten as good as I hoped it would, it has gotten better. I will admit that I have been scared to practice it, but I love when I do. It’s so much fun to speak another language.

9. Markets- I love going to the market. I love tight enclosed shops covered in nothing but stuff. I love the old Mexican women with their long braids and hand made sandals selling fruit on the sides of the rode. I love the constant loud music blasting from every corner, and the constant bustle of people.

10. Time to read- I have always loved to read. Here in Mexico I have had plenty of time to read. I will have read six or seven books this summer by the time I get home. I love getting lost in a book.

11. The adventure of traveling- Traveling around Mexico has been so much fun. I have seen so many amazing places and met so many great people. I have a dream to travel the world and traveling around Mexico these past few months has solidified my love for traveling and seeing new places.

12. Cheap Transportation- Transportation is so cheap here. Combi’s are my favorite. For only fifty cents you can get thrashed around Tehuacan in van until you yell “A la parada por favor.”

13. Dancing- Teo has taught me cumbia and I am in love with it. It is officially on my list to go dancing when I go home. Any takers?

14. Music- Although some of the music I know I wont miss, I love the style of music here. Its so unique.

Although I am sure I missed a million and half things that I am going to miss once I post this, I am ready to come home. Mexico has been a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I finally feel ready to go home and to start going back to school and working. Only time can tell where I will end up in life so keep reading to find out.