Thursday, November 29, 2012

Step On a Crack and You Will Break Your Mother's Back

Sometimes I purposefully don't
step on cracks
so that I don't
break my mother's back.

I remember as a young girl
walking to the bus stop,
and dancing across the sidewalk
as I jumped and leaped
over the cracks and imperfections
created by natural disasters
 that ripped lives apart.

I remember thinking it was funny.
My mom is dead, I would think.
Could I hurt her back in heaven?
What about my step mom?
Do I care if I break her back?

But really it was just a game.
A simple saying that all grade school kids
sang as we double douched
and hop skipped

Gracefully watching my step
was my way of showing my mother I loved her.
Today I was reminded of this
When I purposefully didn't step on any cracks.

Sum Up

Finals are approaching rapidly and I am trying to steer clear of my desire to procrastinate. It's crazy to think that I will finally be done in July. So much has happened since I started my college career in 2008. Although I am graduating late for my grade, not all of my time has gone wasted. The last five years have been wonderful yet challenging. I met a boy who I thought was the one, married him, and then got divorced less than a year and a half later. I spent four months in Mexico. I spent two months in Peru. I made some amazing friends. I have been working at a job I love for three years now, and I am dating the boy I hope to marry one day. With our one year anniversary, finals being over, and Christmas all around the corner I would have to say that I have a lot to be grateful for.

Please enjoy this musical treasure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Humble Boycott

Here is the thing,
I love to write,
like I love to write.

Writing is my outlet
and I do it daily for my own pleasure

Today I am avoiding writing.

I have a 10 page paper
and another 5 page paper
a presentation,
a book report,
and 3 final exams
all within the next two weeks.

So today,
I am avoiding writing
I am using my power to say no
and boycott one of the loves of my life

Who ever needed words and writing anyway?

Oh wait,
I did.

Enthusiastically Supporting

Yesterday I had a major interview.
I prepared, and I felt like the interview went well.
I was informed today that the committee enthusiastically supports my candidacy
Now they are passing it onto the head honchos
It's a waiting game,
but I think I got in.

What do I do?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have been so grateful for this past week.
I feel like my life is finally on a normal stable path
and I love that I am with the love of my life.

Although life is always challenging,
I am choosing to be with my love,
to be happy,
and to make the most of anything that comes my way.

No one can make me feel or choose anything but me,
and I choose happiness with the silly boy
that skateboards, cooks, and makes me stronger.