Monday, September 28, 2009

Podi "The Tinkle King"

As sad as it may be Pablo and I love our dog to pieces. He really is our pride and joy. He is a long haired Chihuahua and we got him in May. Pablo found him while he was knocking doors over the summer. Pablo saw his brother and thought he was so cute so two days later we went and picked up Podi for only fifty dollars. He sleeps with us every night and he tends to receive lots of scraps from the table because of his super cute face. He is now seven months old and loves to go outside.  We try to give him a chance to run around wherever he wants at least once a day. He also goes on several walks a day so he can relieve himself. It's so nice to have a cute furry friend to come home to and Pablo and I enjoy splitting up the responsibilities to prepare for parenthood. We recently have had to destuff all of Podi's toys since he takes all the stuffing out and eats it. :) We currently have several raggedy non stuffed animals lying around our house and a ton of half chewed bones. For now he is our only responsibility and we love having him as part of the family. He brings a smile to our face everyday. 
Podi with grandma Elena 

Podi sleeping. He is such a snuggle bunny! 


  1. Awww Podi is a cutie if he ever has babies I want one!

  2. Whoa!!! I just had a lightbulb blink on!! Did you name him Podi because your last name is Mara'podi'?