Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ok, you have to read this!

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Jordan introduced me to this blog called Seriously So Blessed. I must say this is the best blog ever. No one knows who it is, and basically it’s someone just making fun of typical Mormon Clich├ęs. You have to check it out! If you don’t die laughing I will be shocked. Pablo and I check it on a regular basis to look at all of the creative stuff that she comes up with. Enjoy. The link is

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  1. Dear Megan & Pablo,
    Don't worry whether anyone else reads your blog.
    Think of it as a way to save forever you thoughts, ideas, and experiences which you are enjoying right now.
    Let me assure you that you will otherwise forget SOOOOOOO many little details of life as the years go by.
    Then when you look back and read what you have written here in your blog, you'll get those sweet moments back! Believe me it IS well worth it.
    During our 40 yrs of HAPPY married life, we have regularly written a weekly letter to family. We saved all those letters and now they are unbelievably wonderful treasures!
    This past Christmas we printed out some selections from those letters that told specifically about our children and gave to each one his/her story as it was recorded right on the spot way back then!
    So keep up the blog AND be sure to keep the blog writings themselves, OK?
    You seem to be a terrific couple and we are truly delighted to see the happiness in your faces!
    We love you and pray the Lord's best blessings on you always.
    Love from Glen (& Bonnie) Dolberg