Monday, October 31, 2011

Joining the cliche

I have finally entered the world of technology. It happened, I got an Iphone. Although my feelings are still neutral about how I feel about entering the smart phone world, I feel like I am finally apart of a click of girls who capture every moment of their lives on their phones and post them into cyber world. So as a part of the "oh so fabulous technical life", here are a few pictures I have taken on my phone over the past week.

I have originated back to Starbucks for the one place I study and write best!

Tennessee and I made it out to dinner for La Tormenta. He was missing home.

I got my usual wheat bagel and honey almond cream cheese for lunch

I figured out how everything on the camera worked

Eric and I studied at the library

Ollie and I made it out skateboarding. Not only did we both have some good falls, but he started teaching me some tricks and fed me leftovers after.

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