Monday, January 9, 2012

A Sunday Tradition

On Sunday Oliver and I decided we wanted to make a cake. It couldn't be just any ordinary cake though, we wanted to make a two layer cake. So, we gathered our supplies, mixed it together, poured our batter, and placed it in the oven. While we were making hamburgers for dinner we noticed a peculiar smell. We hadn't even thought about dividing the cake batter into two separate pans, we had simply just made two cake mixes. Our cakes were oozing out the sides in every which direction. Oliver tried to get the extra batter off the burner and totally almost burnt the house down. It was pretty hilarious. At the end of the day we took our two giant cakes and placed them on top of each other while I did a terrible frosting job. Both of us were left unsatisfied when we actually ate the cake, and the cake is probably sitting on top of Oliver's garbage as I am writing this. Needless to say, it was a disaster, but a very entertaining evening. With this though, we decided that Sunday was going to be cake day. We want to make a new cake every Sunday. So even though our first attempt was an epic fail, it started a new Sunday tradition for us.

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