Thursday, April 12, 2012

So, I Go

Lately, my blogging habits have been a little out of whack because of my sheer lack of time. I am leaving for Peru in a mere 27 days and I am starting to FLIP OUT! I have a huge list of “To Do’s” and “To Buys.”  School is starting to crash down all around me, and honestly I could kind of care less about my grades right now. I am ready to finish and move on to olive shoulders, coastal Peruvian desert, skype dates with Ollie, and Spanish all the time!

What is currently keeping me sane is Ollie boy. We go skateboarding a lot and he has been beyond patient with me trying to learn. Even if he holds on to me while I continually complain about a ramp, or goes extra slow for me when we go street skating, he is always trying to help me out. He always cheers me on and compliments me for my progress. He has even been watching “Cake Boss” with me on Netflix. We have officially decided that we can make any cake out there as long as we have cereal treats!

I got to spend last weekend in the Provo area, and I can’t tell you how much it meant to still have so many people in the area that I care so much about. I also have the opportunity to go to Washington next month to visit my Dad and to go to Dubray’s wedding! I have been so blessed with the family and friends around me.
So I am going to go for it! I am going to conquer my Spanish test tomorrow, and rock the rest of the semester. I am going to knock out my “To Do” and To Buy” lists and still have extra time to play. I am going to enjoy my last month with Ollie for a while, and I am going to keep reciting my poetry to Gibby. She has been so good as being my poetic friend. So, I go! 

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