Monday, September 3, 2012

Titles and Such

Titles and Such

What do you call a poetry book? 
"Shit I wrote that time when I was pissed"?
"Years of notebooks and thinking"? 
Something abstract, 

And once you pin down a title, 
who do you dedicate it to? 
Your hands for cramping through the drafts of shit? 
Your head for coping up with all the poetic crap? 
Or to the people that inspired your love poems
or hate poems, 
or your sex poems?
Or do you thank God for giving you the gift to write? 
Or do you thank your heart for allowing you feel everything? 
Or your first grade teacher Mrs. Hunt who taught you how to write
real words with meaning and truth? 

And once you dedicate your nameless book to something
What if you say "Oh crap! My poetry sucks! 
Like really sucks"? 
This is just some jiberish I wrote when I was 20 because 
I was lonely on a Friday night. 

What if you really do suck and nobody knows it 
but you? 
What do you do then with a nameless book
dedicated to nothing
full of shit? 

What do you do then? 


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