Thursday, November 29, 2012

Step On a Crack and You Will Break Your Mother's Back

Sometimes I purposefully don't
step on cracks
so that I don't
break my mother's back.

I remember as a young girl
walking to the bus stop,
and dancing across the sidewalk
as I jumped and leaped
over the cracks and imperfections
created by natural disasters
 that ripped lives apart.

I remember thinking it was funny.
My mom is dead, I would think.
Could I hurt her back in heaven?
What about my step mom?
Do I care if I break her back?

But really it was just a game.
A simple saying that all grade school kids
sang as we double douched
and hop skipped

Gracefully watching my step
was my way of showing my mother I loved her.
Today I was reminded of this
When I purposefully didn't step on any cracks.

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