Friday, January 4, 2013


During the past two summers I have had the opportunity to live abroad. One of the highlights of these summers was my spare time that I had to read. Although I enjoyed traveling and experiencing new things, my desire and love for reading has reached some of it's peaks while abroad. This Christmas break I made the goal to read two books. Well, school starts again on Monday and I have probably read no more than seventy pages all together. Sadly, I have been distracted by my black box that turns my eyes glossy.  Today as I was packing up my books I noticed how many books I actually have, and how many of them I haven't read. You see, I have a bad addiction to books. I buy them whenever I can find them cheap. I can't seem to leave DI without at least five, and I love going to books sales and picking up interesting looking books, or old books, and smelling the pages and wondering what the magical cream colored pages could be filled with.
Today made me terribly sad that I had wasted so much time in front of the TV this vacation instead of reading. My mind could have been filled in so many interesting ways, and instead it was filled with goop.
Here is to my one and only new year resolution. Spend more time reading. Fill my mind with creative ideas and unique possibilities, write about it, read more, write about that, write about writing, and then read what I wrote. Done.

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