Sunday, November 29, 2009


This past week was thanksgiving and it was a great time for everyone. Pablo sadly had to work part of the day, but he was able to make it just in time for dinner. I started the day off by heading to the North Hampton House which is a owned by my Mom's cousin. My Mom's family has Thanksgiving there every year and the Hampton house puts it on. It was great to be able to see family that I don't get to see that often. After that we headed over to Pablo's Aunts house to have dinner there. My dad and Pablo's parents made it down and so it was great to have tons of family there. Our good friends Zach and Jordan didn't have a place to go either and so we invited them to join us. We had a great time joking around, playing the wii, eating tons of food, and playing intense Jenga. It was a great Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures from the event.
Zach and Jordan
Podi and Marcela
The yummy turkey

Pablo and I on Thanksgiving day.

Us with my Dad

Us with Zach and Jordan

The Marapodi clan

All the Kids


  1. So many group pictures haha! I am still hoping I got some good ones of jenga... so intense! oh and p.s. GOOD JOB on posting everything and getting caught up! haha!

  2. Great pictures, Megan!!!! You have a talent, Sweetie! I love the first one, with Pablo and Podi.

  3. We really have fun at this Thanksgiving 2009! Thank you for the wonderful moments that we share with you. I love you.