Thursday, July 18, 2013


I wish more than anything in this world,
that it was winter.
Although cold and dreary in this little town,
winter for me is warm and inviting.

Winter means snuggling with four blankets
and no clothes so that our body heat can
make us sweaty and sticky and desirable.

Winter means mother's scarf, husband's hats, and long socks,
and less revealing, more comfortable body images.

Winter means beverages so hot
that your tongue regrets sipping them for weeks

Winter means sledding, and holding hands
in the snow, and pushing each other into the snow.
Kinda like that time Oliver shoved me and I flew
like Tarzan from a tree searching for the strongest vine
the jungle had to offer.
I landed with anything but grace,
gave Oliver the "I can't believe you just did that!" look,
and then we snuggled under four blankets.......
for body heat.....

Winter for me means that writing becomes easier,
that movie nights become more intimate,
that tea becomes more satisfying,
that books become cozier,
that school is in session, and I have purpose,
that music becomes more inspiring,
and that I feel more human and beautiful.

What I wouldn't give for the finger painted window
outside of Starbucks
to be filled with snowflakes and fresh snowfall footprints,
instead of gleaming cars that melt your chapstick
and legs for days girls bearing their bronze shoulders.

What I wouldn't give.

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