Thursday, April 2, 2015


The summer I fell in love with John Mayer
was the summer my dad took my brothers and I to Europe. 

CD's were still the rage and we had all brought a 
select few to share. 
Nate pulled out Room for Squares. 
First thing, first CD in.
We listened to it all the way through. 

Thus began the next two weeks

My dad lusted after City Love, 
we blasted 83, 
and I memorized all the words to 
3X5 and My Stupid Mouth. 

Room for Squares was probably the only CD 
that the four of us agreed on. 

My grandma sat in the front seat and 
sun burned her arm from having it float
 out the window,
whistling the tunes.

John memorized us into Spain, 
serenaded us into Switzerland, 
and carried us safely back to France. 

I have forgotten the sights and smells 
of the cities we visited, 
but I don't think I'll ever listen to John 
and not think of my first European adventure. 

Until next time John. 
Thanks for singing me to sleep tonight. 

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