Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have never understood why procrastination is the most wonderful thing in the world. The idea of doing something later just makes the now that much better. For example I have a paper due tomorrow and white glove tomorrow morning. I haven’t started my paper, and I haven’t started cleaning, yet here I am writing a blog and procrastinating and thinking about maybe taking a nap. The funny thing is that we all do it. We know that there are always those things that we put off to the last minute because we either don’t want to do them or we do better when we cram it all in at the last minute. We all have times in our lives where we don’t want to do things but I have found that I am so much happier when I get them over with. To bad my thoughts have not become actions. Procrastination proceed. Until next time, we shall see what I am avoiding then.

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