Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Passes My Understanding

People make me laugh. We do the funniest things. It’s fascinating to me that with a world so big, it can seem so small because of connections we have with people.

One of my dream dates is to take someone that I really get along with to the airport and people watch. I want to make up stories for why the tall handsome blonde man is so excited to see the short stubby brunette girl. Are they lovers? Best friends? Why are they getting together? Perhaps a friend is getting married, or maybe the brunette is coming home to visit her family. Who really knows?

I find it hard to believe sometimes that there are over six billion different people on this world living their own individual lives. Whenever I drive on long empty roads on the freeway, I like to glance at those who pass me along my journey. Some make eye contact and continue on a steady pace forward whiles others simply ignore and don’t notice. It’s strange to me that to them I am just one of many persons that they are passing never to be thought of again and to me, they are just another person passing me. Yet, we live totally and completely separate full lives. I find that I have a child’s sense of egocentrism running through my bloodstream from time to time. It’s strange to think that others live their own lives and are not simply characters in the play of my own autobiography.

In this life, there are no extras! The blonde man greeting the brunette girl are not placed in the airport simply to make my experience at the airport more colorful. They are there by coincidence living their own individual lives and creating their own experiences.

It’s fun to watch people. We do the craziest of things just because we can. I love that no one you meet will ever be just like you. We are all individuals living our own daily lives and it’s a blessing and a gift that no one can take that away from you.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and have found myself thinking this before. It really is fascinating that every one of these people has a life just as important an interesting as I feel mine is, yourself included. Thanks for sharing this post on facebook.