Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pizza Pie Cafe: It’s back and in Style

Just over three years ago I found myself in Rexburg Idaho for the first time in my life. I was visiting my then current boyfriend on my high school spring break and was delightfully enjoying my time experiencing the small town. My boyfriend’s semester was coming to an end and to celebrate we decided to have a night on the town? Can you even do that in Rexburg? Anyways, we ended up at Rexburg’s famous Craigo’s Pizza. Although individual pizza orders could be taken, Craigo’s main deal was its unlimited pizza, pasta and salad buffet at a great price. I immediately fell in love with the spud-o-licious; a pizza that contained potatoes on it and the oreo dessert pizza. It was literally to die for.

Just a month later I found myself living in Rexburg starting my first ever semester of college. When my dad dropped me off at my shabby apartment he asked where we should go eat dinner. I said “Craigo’s!” When I got together with friends the first time for dinner we went to Craigo’s. When family came to visit, we went to Craigo’s! I even got one of the Craigo’s t-shirts and sported it around campus on a regular basis to show off my Craigo’s pride.

After two semesters at BYU-Idaho I decided I had had enough of Rexburg and decided to move my academic career to BYU. My car packed to the rim with my possessions, I entered Provo down University Parkway and what catches my eye, but a “From the owners of Craigo’s Pizza in Rexburg Idaho; Pizza Pie Café! Opening Soon!” I was shocked! My one dream following me to Provo! I was in desperate need of a job and just a few days later a “Now Hiring” sign was posted outside the store. Again, just a few days later I found myself with a job in one hand and the ugliest pair of black non slip shoes in the other. I was set. I was hired as a full time worker since I was not to start school for another semester. The job paid minimum wage but it was enough for my bills and I was delightfully happy with the company my fellow coworkers and managers provided. To say the least, I fell in love with my job.

When the time came for me to attend BYU I found myself looking at my financial situation and realizing that I did not have enough money to go to school and only work part time, so I picked work. Just a few months later tragedy hit my reality as I found myself in the middle of a divorce. My coworkers and managers were super supportive and became the best of friends for me. The people I worked with at Pizza Pie Café in Provo are now some of my dearest friends in the world. Certain circumstances told me that my Provo ship had sailed and I was destined to leave. I found myself picking up and moving to Logan Utah.
Matt Smith, the owner of Pizza Pie Café had told me that Logan was a future destination of theirs. With high hopes I started my first semester at Utah State with no Pizza Pie Café in sight. As I was driving along 4th north one beautiful fall day the annoying beeping of my phone filled my car as a text message came through from my old boss Kory Holding. “We are coming up to Logan tomorrow to look for locations” the text message screamed. I was so excited I ran home and told all my roommates Pizza Pie Cafe was coming to Logan.

It’s been about six months since the location was found and the store is getting ready to debut to the Logan public on Monday. I couldn’t be more excited. I have found myself at the store with every free inch of spare time I have. With school, work, and moving all in the next few weeks I am highly anticipating my social life to hit the road. Yet, I couldn’t be more excited! Pizza Pie Café is back. I don’t know how the company has mysteriously followed me everywhere I have moved since I left my sister’s nest and hit the high road, but it has.

Pizza Pie Café has provided me with a consistent, fun, rewarding job for the past year and half now. I love this company. It’s provided me with a safe warm environment, amazing friends, a work ethic, and a stable pay to provide for myself. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to work for the company and I can’t wait till my fellow friend’s in Logan feel the same way.

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