Friday, April 29, 2011

The Start of Mexico

Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Currently I am sweating, yet rejoicing in front of three fans in the reception area of ILP’s Help school. I have fallen utterly in love with Mexico and feel completely at home and totally out of my element all at the same time.

Yesterday was a huge adventure. I arrived at the SLC airport at eight in the morning and met up with six other teachers. We all flew to Mexico City together where we met up with four of our other fellow teachers. We then loaded the bus and took a bus to Puebla to then load another bus to Tehuacan. We finally all arrived at the Help school around nine thirty. It was a long day but a great start to the trip. Let me just say that ten white girls with two giant suitcases each can make for a pretty funny sight. I think the kitchen staff was laughing at us immensely when we attempted to order Tortas for the first time for lunch.

When we finally all arrived, the director of the school, Rachel, interviewed us all to decide which host family would fit each person best. My roommate Audrey, the one who inspired me to come on this trip told me that instead of living with a host family I should try and live in the school’s local apartment. Although I have yet to move into the apartment, I am to live there with my head teacher and other teachers from another English school. Apparently my roommate is from New Zealand and loves to longboard. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.

Slowly we all dispersed one by one as host families came to make their awkward entrance to their new American guests. There are still a few teachers left from last semester living in some of our future homes so five of us were given mattresses and spent the night at the school.

With only five of us not at a host family, the directors Teo and Rachel took us out to taco’s for dinner. Can I just say that they were the best taco’s of my life! I have yet to remember what they were called, but I can assure you they were fabulous!

Although today was long and full of training, it has been full of beautiful moments. We all decided to take a walk around the city to discover our new home. I was blown away by the many colors and beautiful people that surrounded us. I can’t wait to photograph Tehuacan! Today I walked around with a simple point and shoot and only snapped a few pictures since I wanted to more see the city and become familiar with it. Someday soon I plan on taking my SLR out and discovering the city through my lens.

I have always been one to adjust well to change and new atmospheres, but I feel like Mexico is officially home. I can’t wait to become familiar with the area and the people and to pick up some Spanish. I must admit I have been scared out of mind to practice the few Spanish words I know. I am working on that. Until then, I am loving this simple yet dramatic change that is taking over my life. I must admit though that I am very much missing Logan and all of the fabulous people in my life there. I am so grateful for not only this opportunity to be in Mexico, but for all of the people that have brought me to where I am today and that I get to return home to in four months.

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