Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who knew that food could ever be so good? I really had no idea that Mexican food could be as delicious as it has been. I am utterly in love with Taco’s! They are taking over my life! I live with this super cute couple names Mrs. Tede and Ramone. Ramone is studying to be a chief and likes to prepare all sorts of yummy dishes for the four teachers that live with them. Earlier this week, Mrs. Tede decided it was her turn to cook, and boy was I excited! Although Ramone is amazing, he doesn’t make us Mexican food. Mrs. Tede blew my mind when she made us tostadas and taquitos this week. I literally gorged myself this week during dinner. She makes the best homemade guacamole in her blender in less than five minutes and it’s the best thing I have ever tasted. There is a lime tree on our back patio and Mrs. Tede likes to collect all the limes and cut them up to squeeze onto all of her fabulous dishes.
The street food has gotten me hooked as well. On the way to discovery, there is an adorable taco stand run by this super old lady. We like to call her magic lady. She is only open for a few hours a day because she always sells out. She makes her tacos fresh and right in front of you. It’s only five pesos, or fifty cents for a taco! It’s a steal of a deal!
I am hoping that I do not thoroughly regret all of my taco eating when I get back to the US and find that none of my pants fit.

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