Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mexico, oh Mexico! Where do I even start? This past week has been full of adventures!

First off, getting past my first week of classes was a huge step! The kids the first day were crazy! They were expecting new teachers and wanted to walk all over us! We all limped out of our classrooms exhausted and quite over whelmed! The rest of the week was better as we were able to get more control of our kids and obtain some classroom management! I am personally still working on finding a balance between discipline and fun! I have this crazy awesome kid named Juan Pablo who loves to make a mess! I have a feeling that we are going to be great bud’s this summer!

Luckily, we had our first vacation almost right away! We were able to head to Oaxaca and Huatulco this past weekend! It was a great get away from a stressful first week of teaching! We stayed in Oaxaca only a few hours and were able to see the ruins of Monte Alban! They were beautiful and full of so much history! The ruins were covered with the biggest bugs I have ever seen! There were hundreds of nests and they all made the loudest sounds!

After Oaxaca we headed for Huatulco! The view during the drive was spectacular! Most of the drive consisted of a scenic foggy mountain pass. Villages lined the streets of the busy windy roads and small black haired children frequently crossed in front of our speeding car. Sadly, the drive may have been some of my worst hours here in Mexico. The road although beautiful, was ridiculous. I easily get car sick and was placed on the windiest road I have ever been on in my life! It was three hours of up and down and up and down! Needless to say, I threw up twice! It was not my best moment! When we finally arrived, we were able to find some great places for ten dollars a person a night! We spent all day Friday at the beach! We found a great guy to take us snorkeling with all the gear included for five dollars! Although the fish were somewhat spare, the water was warm and it felt great to swim around. On Saturday we were able to find a deserted beach. A group of us rented boogie boards for only a few dollars a piece, and then we were handed three free boogie boards from a few local boys. The waves were huge! I must admit that I wiped out on several occasions and had a stomach full of salt water by the end of the day. Kelly, Brian, Corey, and I were in for the long haul and were the last people to leave the beach in our group! We walked away having had a successful mud fight and multiple sunburns.

Yesterday may have been the best day yet in Mexico! It was crazy busy, but so wonderful! I started the day off by preparing for lessons. At eleven I had Spanish class. I was happy to find out how much I actually knew as far as conjugations and what not. What I learned was that I can understand what is written on the board, but I have no idea how to put a sentence together. I am hoping that having Spanish class a few hours a week will greatly improve my lack of skills. I am still ridiculously scared to practice with locals. My mind usually goes blank. After Spanish class was dance class. Teo (One of the owners of the school.) CAN dance! I was able to pick up on the dance steps pretty easily and had a blast letting Teo throw me all over the dance floor! By the end of the hour I was sweating like crazy! It was one of the best hours in Mexico so far! My classes went really well and I was able to team teach with for both sets of lessons. After lessons, I got my game face on for Soccer. Mother’s day was celebrated yesterday here in Mexico so most of the teachers spent the night with their host families. Since I am without host family, Brian and I strutted our stuff to the stake center for soccer with the locals and Teo. Boy, do I suck at soccer compared to the locals! Sadly, it started to rain so I was never allowed to score that game winning goal! Hopefully next week will allow for a longer and much more coed soccer game!

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  1. It sounds like you're having a great time! What a fun experience this must be for you. I got excited just reading about all of the fun you're having =] Don't worry to much about the Spanish, it will come to you, but practicing is the best way to get better! Good luck, and keep writing, I love reading what you have to say.