Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rainy Season
Rain is an understatement here in Mexico. I was lucky enough to get here just in time for the rainy season. Although the rainy season doesn’t make its official debut till next month, it has done a good job at welcoming the new teachers to Mexico. Although it’s blazing hot during the day, somehow almost every day, it ends up raining around seven pm. Now, although it only rains for the few hours, the damage is massive. Since the city has a small draining system, the streets decide to flood on a regular basis. The streets literally turn into rivers. Lucky for me, the main streets that flood just so happen to be the street that I live on, and the street that the Help school is located on. When I asked the owner of the school how I was supposed to get home one night, she cheerfully replied “You bring shorts and flip flops and walk home.” The first night I attempted this, I had water up to my knees crossing a few intersections. My poor roommate Gina fell into a construction hole on her way home from school one night and now has a massive gash in her leg. We spent about an hour trying to fix her up that night, and she has just barley taken off a twenty four hour bandage. The pictures I am posting don’t do the flooding justice. These pictures were taken at the start of a flood, and already the streets are covered. For the next two months my life will consist of rainy nights. I guess a poncho and rain boots would have been a good thing to pack.

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