Monday, June 6, 2011

Housten, we have a Problem
I think long hair is beautiful! I see it everywhere and always envy the girls that are able to contain those gorgeous locks. When I was a little girl, my family chopped off my hair so it wouldn’t be a lot of work for a ten year old. I knew then that short hair was my destiny. Although I have tried to grow out my hair many times, I have never been successful. My senior year I came close and got my hair fairly far past my shoulders before chopping it off to my chin. I go through phases, I want nothing more then to have long hair, and the next second I am bored and back to short hair.
Since I arrived in Mexico, my hair has been weighing on my head like no other. It’s hot and sticky, and never gets done. With inspiration from my friend Timber who already has crazy short wonderful hair, I chopped my hair off!
Let me first say, that I LOVE IT! Sometimes, it is hard to feel feminine since I have not had this short of hair in years, but it fits me perfectly. I feel edgy and wonderful with this new haircut that takes no time at all to do, and I am so glad that all my dreams for long hair are gone.
Although I have always envied those girls with long hair, I am finally ok so that I will never be one. I like constant change, and I am to lazy to do my long hair when I have it. Although long hair is beautiful short hair shows off my personality.

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