Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here I Am

My life has been filled with magic. Maybe magic isn’t the best word to describe how I am feeling, but my life is full of inspiration. I am so inspired by those who feel their emotions so deeply. Who understand where they are placed in life and run from there. I am so inspired by the countless one line sentences that capture my world and turn it upside down full of meaning and hope. Frankine Magazine, an Australian fashion magazine that holds indie hip retro fashion to a new level wrote a small article about a new and upcoming musician. The musician ended his interview by saying, “Do what you do and do it like you mean it!”

Here we are in a world full of countless amounts of people all running about through life differently. Every person has their own way of living life. I find that the best way to live my life is through religious and spiritual inspiration. By religious inspiration, I am referring to the fact that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know what and whom I believe in and find great comfort in that. Spiritual inspiration I find through my daily life in music, books, conversation, and the pages of events that unfold in front of my oval hazel eyes daily.

I personally can’t help but thrive off of spiritual insights; things that are so simple and logical, yet so hard to come by in this world. I feel a rush of instant love and inspiration for those moments. I can’t help but smile. It reminds me of the first time I heard the poem “Photograph” by Andrea Gibson. My future sister in law Michelle sat on a wooden chair. Her back placed gently against the wooden back and body slouching for comfort. She took deep breaths. She stared my loving beautiful sister in the eyes and presented her with the gift of love through spoken word. “I wish I was a photograph tucked into the corners of your wallet I wish I was a photograph you carried like a future in your back pocket…” Michelle displayed the whole poem out in front of us beautifully. It laid out on our wooden floor without hesitation. Michelle had memorized the poem previously while her and my sister had been on a relationship break. She had listened to Andrea’s ministry over and over again retracing again and again the simple words placed in meaningful sentences lining her delicate ears with the sounds that came out through white ear bud speakers and a cord connected to that little device. They knew that love was not always magic, sometimes it was black and blue, or it hurt the most. (Andrea Gibson: Maybe I need you) They knew that what protected our hearts were only rib bones and other various parts. (Ingrid Michaelson: Breakable)

So here I am. I’m living in Mexico and I am offering my life up to freedom. I am here to listen and to investigate and to find out how beautiful this world really is. I am here to find the things that richly develop my simple yet meaningful life. I am here to feel everything as deeply as possible. I am doing what I do, and doing it like I mean it!

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