Saturday, July 30, 2011


I feel like I have not been blogging enough since I have been in the lovely country of Mexico, so let me catch you up. A few weeks ago I was able to take a trip up to Veracruz. Two other girls and I had decided to go and spend four days in Puerto Escondido when literally the day before we left we decided that Veracruz was a better plan.We got a lift to to the bus station to check out tickets and found that we could be gone in just a few hours. With tickets purchased and zero plan, we made our way to Veracruz. Lets just say we sort of wish we had a plan when we showed up at the beach in Veracruz at six in the morning with no idea what we were going to be doing for the next four days.

Lonely Planet saved us from a miserable trip. We looked up Veracruz and some of the sights and then headed to the center of town to find a cheap hotel. We ended up finding a hotel for about 8 dollars a person a night right in the center of town. The beach was about a five minute bus ride that cost less then a dollar and al pastor tacos were everywhere in sight for five pesos a taco. Let's just say we had the time of our lives!

We were able to hit up the Veracruz aquarium, swim on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean and play with star fish and search for shells, sit on the beach all day, and we got to dance in the streets to salsa music.

Since we were in the center of town, big bands would play every night right outside our hotel. On our last night in Veracruz We sat pleasantly outside the crowd and watched everyone dance with the biggest grins on our faces. Before we knew it, all three of us were dancing with Mexican boys! How does that happen? It was pure amazing. We all got asked to dance several times and spent the rest of the night denying coffee and party offers.

With absolutely no plans, Veracruz turned into a lovely surprise for the three of us.

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