Monday, July 4, 2011

Lost and Found

When I came to Mexico I envisioned in my head what I believed Mexico would be like. With great surprise, Mexico has been nothing that I thought it would be. It’s been so completely different. I figured I would come home with new visions and insights about the world. I am sorry to say that this has not happened. I am still me! I feel like the people I’ve met and experiences I have had are happening for a reason and changing me, but not my life. My life is an amazing thing that I love. Being here in this amazing country has done nothing but added new wonderful experiences and a reality that I knew existed but was hidden.

I came to Mexico knowing who I was but still wanting to find myself. When you have nothing to find, you tend to get lost in the rain. Walking through muddy flooded streets this week has inspired me to remember who I am and realize that I already know my answers I just have to be true to them.

Hopefully the next month and a half will bring nothing but fun and exciting experiences with my head still on top of my shoulders.

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