Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have a dream to have a room full of books when I get older. I have always loved reading. There is something about holding a book in your hand and flipping through the pages that is magical. I don’t know if it was creased pages, the smell of the pages, or the weight in my hands that made me first fall in love with books. I started reading when I was young because my parents said that if I was reading then I didn’t have to go to bed so early. The entertainment was free and gave me insightful knowledge into the world. As I have gotten older time to read has been scarce. With school and work my free time for books has been slim to none. I must admit how excited I am though for winter break. I am hoping that I can curl up on my bed with book in hand and cover bent back. I have been so lucky, in the past month I have bought 7 books for the low price of 10 dollars. It feels so good to add to my collection of books. I hope to be able to soon read the books I am collecting and to add them to my future library.

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