Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow, I can't believe it is officially that time of year again! It's fall, which means that school, work, and crazy late nights are back on. Currently I am missing Mexico like crazy but it does feel good to be back to familiar territory. This semester is going to be the busiest I have ever had. Although I am excited for all that is ahead of me, I must admit I am not excited about the 7-10 page research paper that was already assigned to me after only two days of school. Thankfully, I have great roommate. I am rooming with Alicia again who is always full of surprises, and crazy Sara. She is always off doing something and I love it! She is such a fun social butterfly. I am so grateful for both of these wonderful ladies in my life. We are bound to have some great times this year. Plus, the trophy is back! If you don't know what the trophy is, check out pictures from facebook last year.
Pranks have officially begun. I found this guy in my shower yesterday. He scared the crap out of me. I thought my neighbor Jay was in my shower when I first got in. Let's just say he has showered with me the last two days, and I plan on being very good friends with him this year!
This year I moved into the boathouse. We live in the basement, but some of the coolest guys ever live upstairs. We like to spend our spare time watching chick flicks and quoting Hitch with them.

The house finally feels like home and I am loving it. Our walls are actually painted too! It makes a huge difference in the apartment. Instead of plain white walls we have a pretty light blue all over the apartment. It makes for a much more homey feel.

I am also bleslsed to have my own bathroom again this year. Although it can be a small squeeze from time to time, I love it. I even get a cute tiled counter top.
My room is called the Harry Potter room since it appears out of no where. Here is the entrance to my room. Who would have known that a stellar room behind this piece of wall. It's so much fun to have a giant sliding door.
I bought this lovely lady for only 20 dollars from the DI! It's lavender and goes perfect with my blue walls. It's plenty big and will be joining me in many future apartments to come.
I also got two new pairs of TOMS. The red ones came to me from my dear friend Audrey who got them in China for me over the summer. My fabulous sister bought me the other pair. I was having a really bad day and she said here is my credit card number, buy some TOMS to make yourself feel better. Isn't she just the best?
Like I said, I still can't believe that it's fall. I am officially praying and hoping that I can make it through this semester with my busy schedule. Keep checking back to find out about all of the adventures that we have this year. See you soon!

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