Saturday, October 17, 2009


Pablo and I have realized that we are going to need another car to go along with our Honda Civic. I go to BYU and Pablo goes to UVU. We don't live in walking distance of BYU, unless you want to die in the snow and die trying to walk down all the hills so we are stuck. I guess I could snowboard to school. We also both have jobs and we can't rely on a bus to pick us up with our crazy schedules. So, all of this concludes to needing another car! We are looking for a price range of about 3000 and less. We are hoping for something that will be good in the snow and we would love to have front wheel drive. We are also looking for something that can last us at least three or four years and has less then 100,000 miles on it. We have been searching like crazy everywhere and we are having no luck. If you find anything please let us know! We have found some good deals but nothing yet that is totally catching our eye. Car buying is so frustrating. Hopefully one day soon I can write a new post telling you we have found our dream car. As for now, pray for us. 

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