Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday Nights

Pablo and I decided to go out for some fun Friday night. As we were getting ready we took some cute pictures that I wanted to share. Friday night was a fun night for the two of us. We first went to a dollar movie and saw The Time Travelers Wife, which I thought was very good. Then we headed over to Pizza Pie Cafe (My job) to try the famous cookie monster. A cookie monster is a cookie thats halfway cooked, has ice cream, whipped cream, and carmel and fudge on it. It was so good! We devoured it! It was so good to see the Pizza Pie Cafe full of people. Next, Pablo and I headed over to Fat Cats (One of Pablo's jobs) and bowled. Since Pablo works there we are able to get free bowling whenever we want. It's really fun! We challenged each other to bowl in all sorts of funny ways. I must brag that I won the first game, and should have won the second. Pablo beat me by three points in the second game! (I had a gutter ball on my last roll!) :( I must say it was a very fun night, and it was nice to have some time with my husband. 
 I think this picture of Podi is classic! 

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