Sunday, October 25, 2009

One amazing day!

On Saturday Pablo and I had the opportunity to go down to Salt Lake City and go to the Salt Lake temple. On Pablo's mission he taught a less active family, and the wife, Hannah Valentine finally was ready to take out her endowments. They decided to do it in the Salt Lake Temple, and luckily Pablo and I were able to go. While we were at the temple we ran into some old friends from Federal Way. Conner Edwards and his beautiful wife were also taking out their endowments. When we were finally able to talk to them we found out that they were getting sealed together right after the session and they invited us to come along. It was wonderful to be able to be there with them. The ceremony was beautiful and the sealer said so many wonderful things. It made me realize how important Pablo is to me, and how we need to cherish our spouse. The most touching part of the ceremony, was that after Conner and his wife were sealed they brought in their little baby boy and he was able to be sealed to his parents. It was so special to be there and witness that. It really made my day. It was probably one the most special things I had ever seen in my life. After we were done celebrating with the Edwards we took some pictures outside the SLC temple. When Pablo and I returned home to Provo, Pablo had to go to work and so I was stuck at home thinking my wonderful day was over. At about eleven I got a text from my cousin and his girlfriend Katy, they were getting marred! I am so excited for them! they are so cute together and Pabo and I love them to pieces. We can't wait to have them be sealed for all time and eternity. To say the least, Saturday was an excellent day. 

Hannah Valentine is in the purple on the far left. This is her with her family outside the Salt Lake Temple. 


  1. I can picture in my mind that beautiful experience and the feelings you had.It is wonderful see people we know and love to do covenants in the House of the Lord. Yes, you are right, spouses are so important to us: without them, we cann't be truly happy. I wish you more of that saturday in your life. You are so blessed to live so close to Temples of the Lord.

  2. I am so glad you've had that experience. Life with all its beauties and future is spread right in front of us at the Temple altar. There is nothing more touching that being present when a family is sealed for forever at the Temple; so much love, SO MUCH LOVE. As mom Elena said, I wish you too many, many more Temple Saturdays like this. I love you!
    Dad Carlos