Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Podi and Photography

So... I finally got a camera! I got the Nikon D5000! It is amazing! I am slowly ready the manual and finding out all of the cool things that I can do! I found out that there is a setting that is just for taking pictures of pets. Since I was home alone and Podi was my only company I decided to take some pictures and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Podi is now full grown and weighs about six pounds. He loves to chew our socks and so we have to be careful about what we leave on the floor. I looked under the bed just today and found about four socks all chewed up. He hid from my grasp for quite awhile. He is starting to bark more now too. This is the one thing that I am not so fond of. At least I know that he will be a good guard dog.

As far as photography is concerned, I have started another blog just for my photography. The address is Right now the only pictures on it are the ones already posted on this blog. I have some photo shoots lined up for the near future that I am excited to edit and post and I hope that you enjoy them. Also, Since I have a nice camera now I will probably be taking pictures more since I am now obsessed with my new camera. I hope you enjoy these few pictures of Podi.

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  1. cute! I have always said he looks like a little fox!