Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zach and Jordan

Zach and Jordan are some of Pablo and I's best friends. Over Thanksgiving dinner they were telling us how they wanted to take Christmas pictures and send out Christmas cards to their friends that they don't see that often. I quickly volunteered and we set a date to take the pictures! I have still not been able to purchase a nice camera and so our Good friend Andrew Clark let me borrow his camera. He even came along for the shoot to give me some advice and help me understand the basics of the camera. The shoot went great! The only downfall was that it was freezing! It was snowing so hard up in the canyons! By the end of the shoot we all couldn't feel our fingers! I hope you enjoy the few pictures that I have edited of them so far.


  1. SO CUTE Megan! I love looking at the pictures that you take!!

  2. Congratulations, Megan!! You have a talent taking pictures! Those photos are great! Go ahead and conquer the world! I will buy all your pictures and I will go to all your expositions!

  3. Beautiful pics Meg! and I love the one at the top of u and Pablo! ;) u look gorgeous...