Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Edited pictures!

In the post before this one I mentioned that Picnik is now my new obsession. These are a few fun pictures that I have taken and played around with. If you look closely in all of my pictures the work Lola is placed. In some pictures its more obvious then others. Lola is my Mom's name and she passed away when I was really young. I think Lola is going to be my trademark that I am going to put in all of my pictures. I hope you enjoy!

This is an older picture but for some odd reason Pablo loves it and so I decided to play with it.
This is on our cruise.

Love this picture

This is a picture of Pablo that I had fun with it. I love the coloring on it.


  1. I love the cruise and the shoe pictures! Did you use the eye color changer on the first one or just enhance it?? I'm so jealous you've upgraded, haha. Fun fun fun!!! I was thinking when you do ours, if you don't mind that is, we could upload the originals to our computer as well, both play around with them and see what we come up with?? It could be kinda cool to compare. Glad you're as obsessed with picnik as I am!!

  2. and p.s. I do love your hair long in that first picture.