Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reaching for the light

I feel like i'm reaching for something, but i'm not sure what yet
Actually, I think I know, but I am to scared to admit it

You see, sometimes life is really hard
And all you can do to stop from crying is take deep breaths,
disappear into a corner for a few minutes,
or suck it up.

But I can do hard things!

Haven't I always done hard things,
Did I glide through those moments?

I haven't really decided yet

But I do know this.
It's tax season which means that my Father is currently detained
I need to talk, but my selection of people that would understand is low
And, I feel like I am wearing myself thin.

So today,
I skipped school
I photographed some pictures
I finished a book
I am going to shower and get looking sexy
Work and make some dinero
Stay in a positive mood

Because, sometimes we go through hard times because of our actions
And sometimes it's because of other's actions upon us,
That doesn't mean we can't succeed!
I can do hard things!

I'm going to go reaching for the light

Thank you Sara, Dubray, and Leanne for the continued strength and encouragement you give me.

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