Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Woman Holding A Balance

I've hit that wall
The wall that says no more studying
No more working
Take some time for yourself.

I just took a test,
have another one in a few hours,
have to work late tonight.
Have 36 Spanish assignments to do by Friday.
Have a Spanish test on Friday

Spring break is next week,
I'm working 40 hours
taking engagements,
writing a paper,
doing a take home midterm,
and trying to get my life organized

The above piece is a work of art I am studying for my art history midterm in just a few hours. The piece is entitled Woman Holding A Balance.
I thought it was appropriate
for the gloomy weather,
my undone hair,
my desire to do good,
but my lack of motivation to currently study.

Pray for me.

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