Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We all have talents

Some are useful and some…

Not so much

For example, my brother Nate can do this crazy thing with his lips

That he swears up and down that no one else can do.

It’s kind of a shaking, funny sound thing.

It’s hard to explain.


Ollie has a cool talent

You know those stuffed animal vending machines?

The ones that NO ONE ever wins a stuffed animal from?


Ollie wins stuffed animals from them all the time!

In fact, I am the proud owner of five stuffed animals!

All of which are won from one of these vending machines!

It literally blows my mind every time he wins!

And it makes me love that kid even more every time.

Another one of Ollie's many talents!
I think it might be his dream for me to do a kickflip like this one day

But for now,
I will just keep letting him skateboard over me
and photographing,
and of course skating.

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