Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Brain

Recent Thoughts:

  • April 29th is creeping up and it's starting to haunt me
  • I should start shooting B&W film again 
  • Kurt Vonnegut always knows what to say 
  • Where can I go skydiving again? 
  • PDX
  • What is my next tattoo? 
  • Leanne's 60th birthday 
  • Feeling a little SLC homesick 
  • Camping and bonfires 
  • Budget for Thailand 
  • Home decor? 
  • ERAC career options 
  • What is my dream job? 
  • I didn't do my Landmark HW again
  • Visiting Sea-Town 
  • Writing on this damn blog 
  • Sex 

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